Hyper Wellbeing Summit Theme Outlined in 8 Bullet Points, 2 Diagrams & 4 Quotes

8 Bullet Points

  1. Computing is coming closer to and integrating with, the human being (the “third computing revolution”) – we are on a path towards human-computer symbiosis.
  2. Technology innovation the past two decades has had negligible impact on wellbeing.
  3. The third computing revolution is a historic opportunity to do good, namely positively impact wellbeing. It could be leveraged to:
    1. Prevent sickness
    2. Amplify our wellness
    3. Optimize our lifetime
  4. We are largely invisible to healthcare until we get sick and thus it can be considered reactive and passive.
    1. It should more aptly be called “sickcare”.
  5. Diseases driven by lifestyle are now the leading global cause of death; formerly it was bacteria and viruses.
    1. Healthcare is providing relatively little in terms of prevention. This is not likely to change anytime soon, owing to many factors including misaligned industry incentives.
      1. A new industry that is complementary to healthcare is required and is set to emerge. It represents the trend of computer/data science moving towards health. This new industry will be focused on stopping people getting sick (over the course of a lifetime). It will also aim to amplify our wellness (bolster health assets to increase resilience etc) and will eventually evolve towards enabling us to live more optimally.
      2. Healthcare over the next decade will undergo a transformation not seen since employers began covering workers in the 1930s. It will merge into a “new health economy” along with a new “scientific wellness” industry (5.1.1).
        1. The barrier between regulated healthcare and direct-to-consumer products will greatly diminish.
  6. The future of mobile and wearables is inseparable; they share a joint destiny.
    1. The number of peripherals and wearables that can use the smartphone as a central powerful hub will only increase.
      1. The number of clinical grade sensors in wearables, smartphone peripherals and in more limited cases the smartphone itself will increase.
    2. Calls/messaging will become hardware agnostic allowing them to move onto wearables without the need for a smartphone.
  7. The future of mobile and wearables will include extensive use of machine intelligence.
  8. “Mobile” in its current format is a mature industry. The huge “minutes, messages and megabytes” model will become obsolete and collapse; the value being offered is no longer sufficiently valuable to be a core driver of industry revenue. This will take quite sometime though.
    1. The new value creation for “mobile” will be in 5.1.1 above.
    2. This emerging ecosystem (5.1.1) will become a new “battleground” as everyone from sports apparel to mobile companies battle and/or form alliances to “capture/trade intimate data” and/or be “your health/wellness/longevity coach”/”life navigation system” etc.
      1. The ecosystem can be considered at least as comparable in size and impact as the the “digital economy”, which may start to be seen as a precursor.

2 Diagrams

Diagram 1: Showing Emerging Opportunity for an Industry Ecosystem in Addition to Healthcare (“Sickcare”)
Diagram 2: Showing the ‘Intimate Data’ Areas that Wearables & Mobile Will Increasingly Capture/Leverage


160414_160413-VCQ-01_Victor Chapela (CEO, Suggestic)
Quotation 1: Victor Chapela, CEO, Suggestic
160328_150309-TCQ-01_Tim Cook (CEO, Apple)
Quotation 2: Tim Cook, CEO, Apple
160325_160314-KPQ-01_Kevin Plank (CEO, UnderArmour)
Quotation 3: Kevin Plank, CEO, Under Armour
160325_160321-JWQ-01_Jeff WIlliams (COO, Apple)
Quotation 4: Jeff Williams, COO, Apple