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Hyper Wellbeing Manifesto – First Draft

Every few hundred years in Western history there occurs a sharp transformation. Within a few short decades, society – its worldview, its basic values, its social and political structures, its key institutions – rearranges itself. — Peter Drucker Today our best starting point is facilitating wearables and mobile towards sickness (e.g. lifestyle disease) prevention; wellness optimization (e.g. real-time data-driven highly personalized, fitness, nutrition, sleep, stress etc.);... Read MoreHyper Wellbeing Manifesto – First Draft

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Third-Computing Revolution

Computing is integrating with the human being. It began with the mobile phone; particularly when mobile underwent a revolution starting in 2007 to become an “open”, always-connected, general purpose, multi-sensor1, pocket computer2. This has positioned it onto a path of increasing ability to capture and ascertain “intimate data”; data that is close-to-body and data about how we live our lives.... Read MoreThird-Computing Revolution

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Augmenting Humanity with Machine Learning for Health & Happiness

For a number of years now a dear friend (who’ll remain nameless) has barraged me to write. Today I finally decided to give in under the conditions that it only be a thought snippet or musing (100-700 words) each week day. [April 21, 2016: lets make that 500-1500 words weekly instead] He has lamented that my modus operandi the past... Read MoreAugmenting Humanity with Machine Learning for Health & Happiness

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And We’re Off! Till ~2024

The start of the adventure begins with this humble blog post and the inaugural event this fall. Since childhood my interests have been two-pronged. On one side the “telephone” (engineering and futurology) and on the other side existentialism (contemplative psychology/science). But as the two were disparate, my life until very recently felt uncomfortably “schizophrenic”. For example the people I conversed... Read MoreAnd We’re Off! Till ~2024