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Hyper Wellbeing Manifesto – First Draft

Every few hundred years in Western history there occurs a sharp transformation. Within a few short decades, society – its worldview, its basic values, its social and political structures, its key institutions – rearranges itself. — Peter Drucker Our “moon shot” is to facilitate human-computer symbiosis (the destination of the currently unfolding third computing revolution) towards having 51% of the world’s population flourishing by 2051 [1][2]. Today... Read MoreHyper Wellbeing Manifesto – First Draft

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Augmenting Humanity with Machine Learning for Health & Happiness

For a number of years now a dear friend (who’ll remain nameless) has barraged me to write. Today I finally decided to give in under the conditions that it only be a thought snippet or musing (100-700 words) each week day. [April 21, 2016: lets make that 500-1500 words weekly instead] He has lamented that my modus operandi the past... Read MoreAugmenting Humanity with Machine Learning for Health & Happiness

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‘Connected Technologies’ to Enable 51% of the Population to be Flourishing by 2051

Back when I’d run the Emerging Communications Conference & Awards (eComm) ‘What’s Next in Telecom, Mobile & Internet Communications’, I’d go to my hotel room each night and I’d think. I’d seriously wonder if the event mattered. Yes it was great to have the brightest people come together. Yes it was great to see and spur innovation. Yes it was... Read More‘Connected Technologies’ to Enable 51% of the Population to be Flourishing by 2051

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And We’re Off! Till ~2024

The start of the adventure begins with this humble blog post and the inaugural event this fall. Since childhood my interests have been two-pronged. On one side the “telephone” (engineering and futurology) and on the other side existentialism (contemplative psychology/science). But as the two were disparate, my life until very recently felt uncomfortably “schizophrenic”. For example the people I conversed... Read MoreAnd We’re Off! Till ~2024